Ready to Amp Up Your Sex Game? Here are 10 Things You Can Talk About With Your Partner

When it comes to spicing up your sex life with your partner, communication is key. Discussing various topics openly and honestly can lead to deeper intimacy and excitement in the bedroom. Here are some topics to consider discussing with your partner to amp up your sex game:

1. Fantasies and Desires: Share your deepest fantasies and desires with each other. Discuss what turns you on and explore ways to incorporate these fantasies into your sex life.

2. Role-Playing Scenarios: Talk about role-playing scenarios that you both find exciting. Whether it's a naughty nurse and patient or a boss and secretary, discussing role-playing scenarios can add an element of fun and excitement to your sex life.

3. New Positions: Explore new sexual positions together. Discuss positions that you've always wanted to try and experiment with them in the bedroom.

4. Erotic Literature or Films: Share your favorite erotic literature or films with each other. Discuss what turns you on about them, and consider reenacting scenes or scenarios together.

5. Sexual Preferences and Boundaries: Have an open and honest conversation about your sexual preferences and boundaries. Discuss what you're comfortable with and what you're not, and be sure to respect each other's boundaries.

6. Sexual Goals: Talk about your sexual goals as a couple. Whether it's trying new things, having sex more often, or achieving simultaneous orgasms, setting sexual goals can help you both stay motivated and connected.

7. Sensory Exploration: Discuss ways to explore your senses during sex. Experiment with different sensations, such as blindfolds, feathers, ice cubes, or massage oils, to heighten arousal and pleasure.

8. Sexual Wellness: Talk about sexual wellness and ways to prioritize it in your relationship. This can include discussing safer sex practices, sexual health screenings, and ways to maintain intimacy and connection outside of the bedroom.

9. Sexual Bucket List: Create a sexual bucket list together. Write down all the things you want to try or experience sexually as a couple, and work together to check them off one by one.

10. Reflecting on Past Experiences: Discuss your favorite sexual experiences together. Reflecting on past encounters can help you both learn more about each other's preferences and desires, and it can also reignite the passion and excitement in your relationship.

Remember, the most important thing is to communicate openly and honestly with your partner. By discussing these topics together, you can strengthen your bond, deepen your intimacy, and take your sex life to new heights.


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