Best Sex Positions to Try This Valentines Day

Valentine’s Day is all about love and sex. If you're spending Valentine’s Day with your partner, why not make it extra special by setting the mood and focusing on each other? 

Whether you are looking to turn up the heat with some v-day special (sex), get all mushy with your partner, or just treat yourself to a cozy night in with chocolate, movies, and maybe a little adult fun, the choice is all yours.

We consulted a sex and intimacy coach, and she suggested starting with a sensual massage in a cozy, candlelit space. And if you're flying solo, give yourself the same love with some slow, sensual self-touch.

If you are feeling adventurous, Valentine’s Day is the perfect time to explore a new fantasy with your partner. Start by chatting about it beforehand to build excitement, and if you're not sure what you're into, try Googling to get some ideas, because finding common ground can lead to some exciting discoveries.

These Valentine’s Day sex positions are for everyone, whether you're in a long-distance relationship, a casual fling, or happily coupled up. Have fun!

1. The All-NIghter-- Swaddling Sex 

Getting all lovey dovey and can't get yourself apart from each other? Try Swaddling. This is a hybrid sleeping/sex position where you and your partner agree to fall asleep together during penetration. Use a lube or HARU's Intimacy Warming Oil to make sure you or your partner can slide right back when he comes out. 

2. Spending The First Valentines--  Sexual Spooning

If you and your partner are spending the first Valentine's together, try spooning with some hand motions. Both partners can get hand-sy and stimulate the clitoris or penis during the spooning session. For added clitoral pleasure, use HARU's Insatiate Intimacy Warming Oil around the vulva and clitoris and over the penis. When you wear each other out, you can either relax or hug each other to sleep—it is a very dreamy post-sex position. 

3. Playing Solo? No Problem-- The Sensual Solo Cup

Set the mood by lighting up some candles and immersing yourself in sensual massage with HARU's Stress-Free Massage Oil. The wonderful lavender scent will help you relax your senses. Cup your vulva or put pressure on it. Get some action by rocking back and forth. 

4. The Lotus Position: This intimate position allows for deep eye contact and emotional connection. Start by sitting facing each other, with your legs wrapped around your partner's waist and their arms supporting your back. From here, you can control the pace and intensity of penetration while maintaining close physical contact.

5. The Bridge: This position offers a unique angle for deep penetration and G-spot stimulation. Begin by lying on your back with your knees bent and feet flat on the bed. Your partner should kneel between your legs and lift your hips, creating a bridge-like shape with your body. Adjust the angle and depth of penetration by tilting your pelvis or using pillows for support.

6. The Chair Lift: Take advantage of sturdy furniture for this adventurous position. Sit on the edge of a chair or the bed with your knees bent and feet flat on the floor. Your partner should stand facing you and lift you onto their lap, supporting your weight as you wrap your legs around their waist. Experiment with different angles and depths of penetration for maximum pleasure.

7. The X Marks the Spot: This position offers deep penetration and clitoral stimulation for intense orgasms. Lie on your back with your legs spread wide, while your partner kneels between your legs and enters you from above. Use your hands to guide their hips and control the rhythm of thrusting, allowing for optimal pleasure and intimacy.

8. The Standing Wheelbarrow: This adventurous position requires strength and balance but offers thrilling sensations for both partners. Start by standing facing each other, with your partner lifting your legs and holding them at hip height. Your hands should be on the floor for support as your partner enters you from behind. Experiment with different angles and depths of penetration while enjoying the thrill of being lifted off the ground.

Valentine's Day is the perfect time to spice things up in the bedroom and try some new sex positions with your partner.

Remember to communicate openly with your partner and listen to their feedback to ensure a pleasurable and satisfying experience for both of you. Have fun exploring these new sex positions together and enjoying the intimacy and connection they bring to your Valentine's Day celebration.




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