Curious About Us? Here is HARU's Mission & Values

Who Are We? 
HARU is a pioneering company specializing in CBD-infused products tailored to enhance sexual wellness. By harnessing the therapeutic properties of CBD, HARU offers a range of innovative solutions designed to promote intimacy, pleasure, and overall sexual health. The company's products are crafted using high-quality, organic ingredients and scientifically backed formulations to provide safe and effective results. HARU aims to redefine the sexual wellness industry by offering natural alternatives that prioritize health, pleasure, and intimacy for both men and women. 

Our Value: 
Above all else, HARU's mission is to help people prioritize love, not just sex, and therefore, our slogan is "make love, not sex."

Empowerment: HARU is dedicated to empowering individuals to prioritize their sexual wellness and embrace their sexuality with confidence.
Quality: The company values quality above all else, ensuring that its products are crafted with the highest standards of purity, potency, and safety.
Education: HARU believes in the importance of education and strives to provide comprehensive information about CBD, sexual health, and the benefits of its products to empower consumers to make informed choices.
Inclusivity: HARU is committed to fostering an inclusive and welcoming environment that celebrates diversity and respects the unique needs and preferences of all individuals.

HARU's Goals: 

Product Innovation: At HARU, we aim to continue innovating and expanding our product line to offer a diverse range of CBD-infused solutions tailored to address various aspects of sexual wellness, including arousal, lubrication, and relaxation.
Consumer Education: At HARU, we are committed to educating consumers about the benefits of CBD for sexual wellness and providing resources to help individuals navigate their sexual health journey with confidence and knowledge.
Market Expansion: At HARU, we seek to expand its market reach by reaching new demographics and geographic regions, including partnering with retailers, influencers, and healthcare professionals to raise awareness and accessibility of its products.
Advocacy and Community Engagement: At HARU, we actively engage in advocacy efforts to destigmatize conversations around sexual wellness and promote policies that support access to safe, natural solutions for sexual health. In the long run, we hope to foster a supportive online community where individuals can share experiences, ask questions, and receive support in their journey toward sexual wellness.



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