5 Creative Sex Positions To Try With HARU's Products With Your Partner in 2024

Looking for ways to spice up your sex life? It's time to explore innovative sex positions to add excitement to your experiences, whether you're in a long-term relationship or just starting to explore with a new partner.

If you are bored with the standard sex positions, here are 5 creative positions to add some fun to your night.

Bridge: If you're new to sex, this sex position might be a bit advanced for you and your partner. This sex position requires a strong core, hip flexors, shoulders, and arms if you want to perform it for more than a few seconds.

Backdoor Boogie: If you and your partner want to get it on before you can reach the bed, try this position for a thrilling encounter. Have your partner kneel in front of you on a staircase landing, facing away. As you enter her, hold onto the banister for support. The angle of this position provides access to her G-spot, and for heightened intensity, have her bear down on you or reach through her legs to add an extra sensory element.

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Pleasure Driver: Choose a comfortable surface, and have your partner lie on her back with her knees up. Kneel in front of her, lifting her towards you as you enter. This way, you get to enjoy a clear view of her boobs and can also kiss her if it feels right. 

The Python: Lie on your back, legs together, and arms at your side. Your partner straddles you, lowering herself onto you and stretching her legs out. As she lifts herself up and down, flex your feet for added leverage. This synchronized movement allows for a gradual pace, and applying HARU's Intimacy Warming Oil can enhance stimulation for both, heating up the experience.

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Spread Eagle: Heat up the cold winter nights with the spread eagle position that guarantees satisfaction. Have your partner sit on the edge of a bed, couch, or chair with her legs spread wide. Stand in front of her, entering as she leans backward with support. Enjoy the stability and captivating view of her boobs in motion. The frontal friction targets her G-spot, and for an extra touch, incorporate slow movements, nipple massage, or focus on her clitoris.

The positions above are here to help you mix things up a bit in the bedroom. Lazy sex syndrome is definitely a real thing—and for good reason. In the heat of the moment, it doesn’t always feel organic to stop what you’re doing and rearrange your bodies and limbs into an unexpected position. I mean, why reinvent the so-called wheel when you can settle into the oh-so-comfortable spoon position or revert to the position that always, unfailingly gets you off?

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Lazy-sex syndrome is a real thing. In the heat of the moment, it doesn’t always feel natural to stop what you’re doing and rearrange your positions. After all, why bother reinventing the wheel when you can simply relax into the comforting familiarity of the spoon position or return to the tried-and-true stance that consistently brings you pleasure?


While the positions don't require high athleticism, they do require a level of athleticism and require a little more effort and flexibility than most of your standard sex positions. Don’t overthink it, and just try them. I promise you and your partner will love them. 


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