Can HARU’s CBD help with Arousal? What does it do?

Discover how HARU's CBD products can potentially enhance arousal and sexual experiences. Learn about the benefits of CBD in promoting relaxation and increasing sexual desire.

In case you’re wondering, CBD is not psychoactive, meaning it does not produce the "high" typically associated with THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) marijuana use. 

What are the forms of CBD that are commonly seen in the marketplace? 

CBD can be found in a variety of formats, ranging from oils, and tinctures to topical creams and even in beverages. 

Some preliminary studies indicate that CBD could potentially aid in anxiety reduction, enhance self-lubrication during sex, and promote muscle relaxation, all of which may be advantageous.

Haru’s CBD produces anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties that may help alleviate discomfort by relaxing the muscles and reducing inflammation in the vaginal area.

What can HARU’s Insatiate X Intimacy Oil do for your sex life? 

Increasing pleasure: 

HARU’s CBD Intimacy Oil Can Increase Sensation in your vagina– CBD is known for its vasodilatory effects, which means that CBD can effectively help increase blood flow to the vagina. The increased blood flow can help heighten sensations and lead to greater pleasure during intimacy. 

Easing stress and anxiety, including performance anxiety:

We get it, having better sex can complicate sex itself– Try HARU’s CBD Intimacy Oil, it can effectively help with Reducing Stress and anxiety.

In studies, CBD oil has shown a positive impact in reducing emotions by interacting with receptors in the brain known to regulate stress and mood. By providing relaxation, CBD oil can create a more conducive environment for intimate experiences.

Setting the right mood:

Setting the right mood prior to sex or foreplay is awfully important. Trying out new products with your partner can be something fun for both of you to explore. On top of this, if you’re experiencing discomfort or pain during intercourse, HARU’s CBD Intimacy Oil may indirectly support healthy sexual function by promoting a more relaxed and comfortable state of mind.

Some case studies have shown that some people have reported experiencing increased relaxation and reduced anxiety when using CBD– which could indirectly impact arousal by reducing stress and anxiety that might otherwise inhibit sexual arousal or desire. 

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Disclaimer: While there is a growing interest in CBD for sexual wellness, it's important to note that CBD's effects on libido and arousal can vary from person to person.


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