Best Foreplay Idea & Tips To Spice Up The Bedroom

When you're getting ready for intimacy, the foreplay can be just as exciting as the main event (sex)—especially if you try out these foreplay ideas.

Whether you're in a long-term relationship or having a first-time experience, people often forget about foreplay. It's easy to think of it as just a checklist: start with kissing, then move on to other things. But foreplay can be more fun and creative. We asked sex experts for tips on how to keep foreplay interesting. Keep this list handy for the next time you're feeling a bit frisky!

Begin the excitement beyond the bedroom
To add some spontaneity, consider starting foreplay in unusual spots like the kitchen, office, garage, or anywhere else you don't typically engage in such activities. It's the unexpected that keeps things interesting. After the foreplay, you can either guide your partner to the bedroom or opt to have sex right then and there. You might be surprised at how many overlooked places can become exciting locations for intimacy.

Talk Dirty
Expressing your desires with some naughty talk can be incredibly effective for getting in the mood—especially when starting foreplay. Don't stress about it too much; sometimes, the most powerful dirty talk is just confidently telling your partner what you want them to do in your most seductive voice.

Bust a move
To add some excitement to foreplay, have your partner sit on the bed, play a favorite empowering song (try Rihanna!), and treat them to a sexy dance. For an extra thrill, start with your partner fully dressed and gradually undress them, or if you're feeling bold, do the dance in the buff.

Extend foreplay all day long
Foreplay doesn't have to be confined to the bedroom. Whether it's sending sexy texts throughout the day or stealing kisses while running errands, you can start teasing each other well before the main event for added heat.

Embrace the unexpected
If your intimate moments are starting to feel routine, mix things up. Change the time you engage in intimacy, switch up the lighting, or create a new playlist. Just as you can vary the locations of your encounters, you can also diversify how you approach them.

Express your feelings
Don't underestimate the power of words. Sharing what you find attractive about your partner can be a major turn-on. Offering compliments is a simple yet effective way to enhance intimacy.

Act out a fantasy
Explore each other's fantasies by writing down 10 on slips of paper, choosing one randomly, and bringing it to life. Acting out a shared fantasy can add a playful and exciting element to your foreplay.

Skip the kisses
Sometimes, the anticipation of almost kissing can be as tantalizing as the act itself. Get face-to-face with your partner, lips barely touching, and trade breaths by breathing in and out at opposite times. It's a simple yet deeply intimate experience that can ignite passion.

Enjoy a massage
Foreplay doesn't always have to be intense; sometimes, relaxation is key. Give each other sensual massages to create a calming and intimate atmosphere.

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Watch a sensual movie together
For couples open to it, exploring erotic films together can be a shared experience. Discussing preferences afterward can lead to new ideas and deepen your connection.

Discover a sexy story
If visual content isn't your preference, consider listening to a sexy audio story or reading erotica together. It can be an alternative way to ignite desire.

Use Sensual Oil

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Mirror each other's actions
Observe and mimic your partner's touches and kisses to learn more about their preferences and turn-ons. This simple yet effective form of foreplay can enhance your understanding of each other's desires.

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